Luzi Schilling

You will find here numerous interesting information about me and my activities as a professional musician and dancer.

My numerous music and dance productions and the long experience as a teacher make me a competent partner in

• Percussion and Dance
• Music Productions
• Dance Theater
• Teaching and Education
• Intercultural Sensitivity

My percussion knowledge along with my skills as a producer, allow me to take part in diverse award-winning movie soundtracks and CD productions, in many projects, shows and concerts.
My work as a dancer and percussionist within the Centre Rythme Danse, Bienne, Switzerland and as a producer and choreographer of the children and teenagers’ dance company KiJu Dance Company, formerly known as KiJuBallet and reputed on an international level, is actually my principal professional activity.
I wish you a nice visit of the website!

"Music is noise that thinks." Victor Hugo (1802 - 1885), French romantic author