Luzi Schilling

Luzi Schilling (Born in 1970)

• 1976 First contact with the African dance and music culture at Christina Schilling’s dance school, my mum. I begin my artistic development as a dancer before I become a musician.
• 1985 Dancer in the Christina Schilling’s company «Groupe Rythme Danse». Performances in Switzerland and Paris.
• 1986 Co-founder and member of the street-dance Company «Tom & Jerry». Performances in Switzerland.
• 1987 - 1988 Dancer in the company «Africa Dance Cie» of Pierre Matthas and Prosper NKouri, Paris, main role in their play «Voyage».
• 1988 - 2002 Capoeira with Mestre Carlito «Formiga» da Conceiçao Silva.
• 1989 Following an accident (muscle tear) during a break-dance show I had to put my dancing activities on hold for a few months. Music then became the principal part of my artistic activity.
• Since 1989 Musician in the famous Dance Company «KiJuBallet» of Christina Schilling. Performances in Finland, Brazil, Germany and Switzerland.
• 1991 - 1997 Member of Bienne’s funk, black music and hip-hop band «Salmonella Q». Third place at the «Marlboro-Rock-In Contest». Production of several albums.
• 1991 I obtain a diploma in Economics studied at the Commercial High School of Bienne, Switzerland
• Since 1992 Percussionist at the «Centre Rythme Danse». In charge of the school of percussion.
• 1992 - 93 Studying and working stay in New York. Percussionist at the «Fareta School of Drum and Dance» and at the «Lezley Dance and Skate School» in N.Y.C.
• 1993 Studying and working stay in Senegal, together with getting back to my dancing activities, with the African dance company «Djinn Djow» of Vincent Zanetti and Djibril Sané. Performances in Switzerland and Germany.
• 1994 Percussionist for Jon Otis & the Boxxx (USA).
• 1995 Production of the first Bienne’s hip hop sampler «BN».
• Since 1995 Co-founder and member of the world music band «ACAO» with Magatte Ndiaye and Francesco Di Potenza. Concerts in Switzerland and abroad. Production of ACAO’s first album «All Colours As One»
• 1997 Invitation for the KiJuBallet to perform at the international conference for child and dance (daCi) in Kuopio (Finland).
• 1998 Founder of the label «Fat Mob Recordings». Specialized in world music and hip hop, along with the production of ACAO’s second album, «Djam», which meets with great success and obtains the label «Selection Swiss Radio International».
• 1999 Music Composition for the KiJuBallet’s show «La flûte sauvage».
• 2001 Collaboration (kalimba and percussion) for the soundtrack of the film «Nowhere in Africa». Academy Award 2002 for the «Best foreign language film» and German Film Award in the category «Best music».
• 2003 On tour and second participation to the international conference for child and dance (daCi) with the KiJuBallet in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil).
• 2004 - 2006 Musician in Lukas Weiss’ show «Afro Tap Junction». Performances in Switzerland and abroad.
• 2005 Collaboration (kalimba) for the soundtrack of the film inspired from the best-seller «The white Massai» and production of the music for the new KiJuBallet’s show «Dance Drums & Soul !».
• Since 2007 Director of the Centre Rythme Danse - Intercultural Art Centre.
• 2008 - 2012 Producer of the KiJuBallet’s show «King Ukwezi».
• 2013 Creation of different bigger and smaller performances with the KiJuBallet.
• 2017 Producer of «The Stolen Rhythm». A dance & drum theater performed by the KiJu Dance Company.

Today, I am still working at the very same place where I started my artistic career: at my mother’s, Christina Schilling, dance school. Throughout these many years, our unique close collaboration demonstrates how much pleasure I get from my activity...

"Musicians play notes, artists music." Me