Luzi Schilling

Here are a few CDs to which I participated as a musician or/and producer.

Baye Magatte - Djèm (2011)
Brambus Records
ACAO - Djam (2010)
All Colours As One Online Edition
Le messager de l'ombre
I-VORY MC - Le messager de l'ombre (2009)
Sound Suspect
Baye Magatte - Aywa (2008)
Brambus Records
Elage Noumoukunda Cissoko - Tamba Kunda (2005)
The White Massai
The white Massai - OST (2005) by Niki Reiser • Virgin/EMI
Album Movie
World War
Natural Black - World War (2003)
Lion Roots
Nowhere in Africa
Nowhere in Africa - OST (2001) by Niki Reiser • Virgin/EMI Academy Award winner 2002 «Best foreign language film» and German Film Award «Best music».
Let this go
Nino G. & Thaïs - Let this go (2000)
Fat Mob Recordings
Official Bootleg
Bieler Festival Biennois - Official Bootleg DP (1999)
Fat Mob Recordings
ACAO - Djam (1998)
«Selection Swiss Radio International»
Best Shots
Best Shots - Swiss Hip Hop 1992 - 1997 (1997)
COD / Tuxedo
Low Society of Funk
Low Society of Funk (1997)
BN - Bienne HipHop Sampler (1996)
KillingTime / Zytglogge
Move Some
Salmonella Q - Move Some (1996)
COD / Tuxedo
Talking Drums
Jodiwa - Dancing Drums (1995)
by Jon Otis & Andi Pupato
Talking Drum Records
Der Rolli / Vom Öpfelboum
Ruth Güdel - Der Rolli / Vom Öpfelboum (1995)
All Colours As One
ACAO - All Colours As One (1995)
Fat Mob Recordings
Marlboro Rock-In
Marlboro Rock-In (1994)
Promo EP
Unknown Funky Object Live
Salmonella Q -Unknown Funky Object Live (1994)

"Contemporary music is a desert in which lie a few dates’ stones spat here and there." Pablo Casals (1876 -1973), Spanish cellist, conductor and composer