Luzi Schilling

Percussion Classes
Since 1992 I work as a drummer at the Centre Rythme Danse in Bienne, Switzerland. Here are the courses in details:

• Regular courses
• Percussion workshops
• Seminars
• Activities for children
• Private lessons

Regular courses
During the course, we learn to master the djembé and doundoun playing techniques. We study rhythms as well as traditional and universal arrangements in such a way that results complete musical pieces. Otherwise, we approach solo executions and we are getting familiar with the “playing rules”. Of course, the teaching is completed by a lot of informative inputs. My regular courses take place at the Centre Rythme Danse in Bienne at the following schedule:

• Wednesday 08.30 - 09.30
• Wednesday 18.00 - 19.00
(This course is taught by Papa Ngom, an excellent musician and teacher)

Advanced level students have the opportunity to follow me on the African Dance classes at the Centre Rythme Danse! This way they have the opportunity to deepen and to apply in an optimal way what they have learnt in the course.

New courses on demand! It is possible to join the classes at all times. Instruments are provided.

In parallel to the usual courses, percussion workshops are also offered. The pleasure of playing always remains at the forefront. This way, here, participants learn simple rhythms as well as easily accessible rhythms pieces. These workshops are suitable to schools and to companies who are seeking attractive entertaining cultural activities, with the aim to get a change from the daily grind and to encourage team spirit. No previous knowledge is required and necessary musical instruments are provided.

Seminars are aimed at teachers who wish to follow on a complementary in the field of music, with the aim to deepen their percussion knowledge or to look into new teaching ideas. Here, previous musical skills and knowledge are required. Instruments are provided.

Activities for children
Activities for children are always met with a lot of success. In a fun manner and with a huge amount of humor, the little ones become very big ones! On demand, activities can also be completed by dancing elements. Percussion instruments are provided and especially conceived for children (mini djembes).

Private Lessons
Private lessons are particularly sought after. Through such lessons, it is possible to answer very specifically to the participants’ needs and to their questions. Private lessons are ideal for group inhibited beginners, or for advanced students who wish to improve in a targeted way.

"Of all terrible things, the most terrible is music, when it's only learned." Christian Friedrich Hebbel (1813 - 1863) German poet and dramatist